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Welcome Aboard 

I have always been a creative person. Making all sorts of things throughout the years.  One of those passions led me to painting landscapes with acrylics and oils. For years I have loved photographing nature and the world around us. I have now taken that passion a step further in creating one of kind art work through acrylics and oil paintings. 

We are now in the full season of markets, events and festivals. That means that if you see a painting or merchandise on the website- there is the possibility it has sold during one my weekend events.  I do my best on trying to keep up on the website and other pages but sometime the week gets away from me. I do try and do a complete update at least once month. 
Also if you were at a show and don't see the painting- it could be I simply had not gotten around to getting it published to page. So please reach out.  

Thank you for stopping by my page.

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I see in the trees all the harmony and balance of Nature. They are happy just to be alive. — Bill Alexander

Image-Taken by Kristy of Mt Baker as seen from Blanchard Mountain Recreation area 

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